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I've often struggled with finding topics to blog about, especially when accompanying my text with pictures. Sure, fashion blogging sounds extremely glamorous from the reader's perspective, but when you actually become a part of the fashion blogosphere, it is quite similar to a regular job.

On the occasion where these pictures were taken, I sat down and had a long conversation with a fellow blogger, albeit an Instagram blogger, about the perks as well as the downside of blogging. If you'd like to check her out on Instagram, follow @styledstyles. She is pictued below in a white top and jeans (details at the end.)
We sat in a serene, super-sized garden with a pool and fountain in front of us, in the heart of Westville, Durban. The garden could be described as somewhat bigger than your average botanical gardens, and stretched across four houses, all of which were privately owned. On the other side of the pool area was a large, glass house that looked like it had been placed t…

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