Crois en la Magie

Believe in magic!
No welcomes, no formal speech – let’s dive right in.
Right now I am in the midst of exams, and it’s difficult to believe in magic when you are nibbling on a pencil while trying to figure out how the hell a square can fit inside a circle and if it’s just a trick question because they told you the area of the circle, so how can you figure out the area of the square?
That wasn’t the inspirational beginning I planned.
Moving on, I started this blog because I felt the need to express myself, not as an anonymous body hidden behind the computer screen like most bloggers, but just as someone. My personality, my page, mine.
I guess when life keeps throwing hurdles at you – for some it may be parental issues, getting over a broken heart, depression, anxiety, or, most commonly at this time of the year, exams – we tend to lose sight of the shore. The teenage years are filled with issues that seem quite unsolvable, like peer pressure (ehm, you might think I’m being weird and lecturey, but tell me you haven’t wanted to go somewhere because your friends were going or listened to Pillowtalk because it was literally pillow talk – at sleepovers I mean!) and messy break ups and make ups. Sometimes we just need to rewind and travel back to the days when we were little children with sand in our hair and messy, painted fingers. It was then that we began the journey we are undertaking right now. We had high ambitions back then, but as we grew, we began to change these goals based on what society deemed acceptable or the best. Look at how many doctors and lawyers exist today, and the dwindling number of artisans! This is an exact example of where we left OUR track only to follow the trail. Trails are made by others, a track is made by you.
We all have our own magic inside of us, one that cannot be extinguished. It was always there within us, except that we’ve buried it so deep that it is next to impossible to find. Believe in your own magic, do! You are the only person that can be you in this world. No one else has the exact same talents, skills and aspirations as you. Follow the whispering of your heart. Maybe someone is more talented than you at your best skill, for example, mathematics, but you may have a hint of scientist in you alongside your skills of perseverance, analysis, logic and quick equations. Even though you aren’t the best, combine your skills and you become extraordinary!!!
So today I challenge you to search within yourself for that magic, and when you find it, never let go. It’s our job to dream like we did when were younger. Although it often seems unrealistic, it is those who dare to dream the impossible that often make it possible.
Dream, aspire, achieve!


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