Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Hey! I'm so sorry that this post is not what you expected, which is my Eid outfits, but due to to the rainy weather, I have been unable to do a photoshoot and therefore cannot post that today. However, the post today is a heavy topic that I need you all to really give thought to. So, put on your life jackets and goggles because things are about to get deeper than the ocean.

Note: This post is another contemplation post, but from a more Islamic perspective. If you do not understand the terms or would like to inquire about Islam, please feel free to contact me via DMs on my Instagram accounts, either @svmz.e or @sumzxoxo. It makes my day to be able to talk and interact with my readers, regardless of their faith, especially about my faith, which is the most important aspect of my life and defines my character and personality in more ways than not.

We can never truly realise the value of Imaan until we meet someone who is seeking it.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. This proverb, amongst others, tell us that the worst response to something you have been blessed with is to find fault with it, or regard it as insignificant. This is what I discovered today, when I heard a story that made me contemplate how we as Muslims take Islam for granted.

Although many of you might not know about Islam, the majority of you either have knowledge of what it stands for, or are Muslims yourself. The question that was posed to me was by a non-muslim, about why God does not respond to prayers when we need it most. Why is it that we cannot get a direct response from God to comfort us, because if we don't have any proof that God is answering our prayers and neither do we feel any tranquility within ourselves, then why pray in the first place? This is just like talking to yourself, because nothing changes and you are just as suicidal, depressed and hurt as ever. What is the point of having a God, in that case? This has given people sufficient evidence to conclude that there is no conclusion; that the existence of a Supreme Deity is debatable, which is know as agnosticism.

At the time of the question I was unable to respond, and even though I still cannot explain what belief in a God means for me, it has led me to appreciate and contemplate what I already have. It is such a privilege, we should realise, to be born into a religious home where your Imaan is secure because you have been brought up with all these doubtful questions answered. We do not have to fight for our religion. We do not have to realise that there is a God, or that Allah is our God, but it is instilled in us right from the moment of our birth. As I have stated, we can never truly realise the value of Imaan until we meet a person who is seeking it, yet these doubts prevent them from seeing the truth. Do we not realise what it means, to be saved from eternal punishment, as well as being given an everlasting reward, all for the price of a mere few years of sacrifice? We are ungrateful beings, who ignore and even reject the laws set down by Allah, only to satisfy our inner desires. Our Imaan is such a priceless gift. Imagine if you were a person who was depressed and drained of all hope, but had no one to turn to. Imagine if you did not believe that everything is Allah's decree and even if trials come our way, it is our reaction that matters. We know that Allah is here for us, through thick and thin, regardless of whether we can see tangible evidence or not.

Now that I have addressed why it is such a great gift to have Imaan, I want to speak about the response the prayers. The incident today posed the questions of whether prayer was worth it, and if God doesn't respond, does this mean he doesn't exist? Of course not! God does not respond to prayers because of, I would say, personally, 3 things.
1. Our sins and lack of attachment to him. We need to build a strong connection with Allah as well as abstaining from what he has said is unlawful for us. If we obey Him, he will assist us.
2. The situation is a test for us and He wants to see whether this makes us turn to him or away from him. If we give up and turn to music, drugs and parties, we are ultimately failing the test he has set for us.
3. To reward us in the next life and bring us closer to him. As I mentioned in Point 2, this trial is a test of our faith and our endurance. If we pass this test, then verily, after hardship comes ease, as well as an everlasting reward for our patience. We should use this as a stepping stone to becoming closer to Him.

Again, the evidence of God being there and assisting you can clearly be seen in your everyday life. Look at the stars, how the shine for you! Look at the sun, how it rises and sinks according to the command of its Lord, Allah, only to allow you to live! Look at the moon that slips into the blanket of the night to illuminate your path! Look at the moments of laughter with friends that trickle into the miseries that you face every day! Look at how you awaken each day, breathing and healthy, only because the King of Kings has chosen to bless you with another day of life! Look at how every element of the universe performs in perfect coordination, in order to satisfy your needs! Look around you, and the evidence of God and his majestic help is clear.

Bringing this topic back to the story I was told, it was heartbreaking to hear that someone had tried to find God, yet had not received the response they desires, and therefore deemed their search as pointless. To find God is to find peace. Peace in the sense of a guilt-free life because we are not plagued with the effect of the sins we previously would have committed. Peace in the sense of a connection of God, where we know that He is the person that we should turn to if we are feeling elated, depressed or even just neutral. Peace in the sense of an acceptance that whatever has happened, happened because Allah decreed for it to. Peace in the sense of being able to react optimistically and knowing that everything that happens, happens for a reason.

The incident today has been playing in my mind ever since, and has left me with an unexplainable emotional scar and a chaotic mind. These questions will always haunt my thoughts, and I will forever regret not being able to change the mindset of even one person and bring someone so eager to find a source of spirituality into the fold of Islam, which is the most spiritually satisfying religion.

And yes, I accept the atheists and agnostics argument that God's existence cannot be proven, besides through His creation. Yet, His creation is the only necessary proof for us to believe. The universe could not create itself, and neither could we. We are a product of a deity that we cannot fathom even in the deepest parts of our imagination. Yet, in order to comprehend this marvellous, incomprehensible universe, we need to be able to understand that there is a superior being that is beyond comprehension. Only then, shall we be able to find the fire of God and ignite our lives with its splendour.

May we all traverse the path of the seekers and may we all reach the destination of celestial understanding and spirituality.

*If anyone is interested in becoming a Muslim, I beg you not to give up your search regardless of your doubts and the obstacles you may face, because I promise you it is worth it. Please contact me and I will try my utmost best to assist you in every way possible.


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