Mirror mirror on the wall! Who's the fairest of them all?

Requested post - shoutout to the reader who inspired the idea!

Beauty is a concept we all learn of, but never really experience. Although beauty lingers in the walkways of our daily lives, and pours out in tremendous waves at every corner, we have become so accustomed to the ideas of beauty that have been implanted in our minds since birth that we simply ignore these beautiful phenomenons. We ignore the women, men and children that litter the streets, some with dishevelled hair, others with prim, branded business suits. They are the minute details that form the chaotic beauty of life.

We have become so accustomed to the definition of beauty that the media has presented to us. We believe beauty lies only in the Victoria Secret's underwear that gives you 'definition' or the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit that gives lips life. These items have absolutely nothing to do with beauty. It is quite frankly a marketing strategy that aims to degrade a woman to the extent that she thinks her natural beauty is not enough and she has to conceal it with layers of make up and foundation. It's a successful set up because the so-called beautiful models are flawless, thanks to our dear friend Mr Photoshop, and makes girls feel like they should look like this naturally.  This diminishes the confidence a girl has by making her believe she is unworthy of attention and love, all because of her outer appearance.

This is not to say that boys don't suffer from the pressures of society's standards of beauty. In fact,  they suffer even more so. However, it must be noted that girls tend to conform much more easily, which also leads to them being emotionally impacted very severely by these demands. At the same time, men have issues with dressing, jewellery, make up and behavior that goes unrecognised up to a point where teenage boys have to deal with it all on their own.

This post isn't about judging who is impacted more greatly on, or to protest against the media usage of unrealistically pretty and thin girls like Cara Delevigne, or overly muscular and chiselled men such as Nick Bateman. Society will not change their dirty habits because of one post. We will not see our billboards plastered with Malala's face or Mother Teresa. It will always be the apparent role models of society that have nothing to their credit besides looks and the occasional indecent film or photograph. Our little girls will still play with Barbie dolls tomorrow, not with plus-sized 'circus freaks.' Male children will still be told to man up and play soccer rather than practise ballet or read a book.

Back onto the topic of beauty. To answer the title question, we would like to say 'YOU.' You are the fairest and prettiest to at least one person, be it a parent, God or even yourself. You are beautiful and society cannot change that. Yes your acne sprinkles red lights on your forehead. Your eyes will be the same colour and your teeth still slightly crooked in the morning. Yet, we say that looks aren't important and it's the inner beauty that counts. I refuse to allow teenagers to grow up believing that they are beautiful on the inside and a wreck on the outside.

You are beautiful inside and out. Your smile makes somebody else's face light up with happiness. Your supposedly dull eyes are intriguing pools of darkness to another passing stranger. Your overweight body used to be considered in vogue in the 1800s. Time changes the definition of beauty, but if you believe you are beautiful in your own unique way, no fad or trend will affect you. You will be the beautiful person in the mirror that Snow White was supposed to be.

Never let society steal your innocence and your confidence from you. You are society. Only you have to love yourself. Love what you own because it will truly make your beauty stand out amongst the sea of insecure bodies.

Thin, blonde and tall
Every woman
And each man
That has made
A footprint
On the sand of time

-Sumayya || I just wanted to tell you that you're a masterpiece beyond the comprehension of our shrunken human mind.


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