This post is for girls, but the boys can stick around because feminism isn't limited to females. This is women empowerment, and it is a matter of humanity to empower our daughters, sisters and mothers, so welcome aboard.

Hello darlings!

Inspired by the wonderful Youtuber Superwoman, aka Lilly Singh, I've decided to start a category called '#GirlTopia' on my blog. Through her Youtube channel, Lilly has interviewed many well-known women, and has begun selling Kenyan Rafiiki bands in order to raise funds for all young girls to receive an education. However, the main focus of her initiative is to end girl on girl hate and promote #GirlLove. 

It's sad that in today's society, girls are intent on tearing each other down rather than building themselves by helping others. Due to the constant need to be the best in order to succeed, as is our mentality nowadays, girls tend to become quite nasty when dealing with other girls that are as good or better than them in any way, be it intelligence, beauty or social standing. Our schools, homes and social environments have turned into a rat race arena where everyone once to be better than the next. The problem with the rat race though, is that at end of the race, you're still a rat. However, if we focused on building each other up by being friendly, using our abilities to help others build theirs such as by tutoring or makeup tutorials, being a shoulder to lean on in distress and all in all, protecting each other so that no girl has to ever feel overwhelmed by the need to fit in and be the best.

The issue with society is that girls have a natural competitive streak, a natural need for recognition, and a natural tendency to act without thinking. Although you may think that you don't experience girl on girl hate, you do. The number of Instagram comments that make people feel inferior in such subtle ways is shocking! Girl on girl hate doesn't only mean doing it for the upper hand. Spreading malicious rumours about other girls, the famous 'You can't sit with us' line from Mean Girls, and causing drama for petty issues all contributes to the deterioration of a young girl's self esteem, which could lead to depression, and in extreme cases, suicide. It isn't funny to make a passing remark about a girl being a female dog, a garden tool, or a female player (to avoid polluting this post with bad language). It isn't feminine to make assumptions of what activity a person might do. It isn't decent to promote an argument on Instagram or Qooh in order to get the rest of your squad involved. Drama isn't funny, feminine or decent. If you have a problem with someone work on the relationship or end it with a decent goodbye. Don't make their flaw a reason for them to be shamed publicly.

That's why #GirlTopia aims to help girls make sense of this confusing world. A girl lives in a realm between a utopia and dystopia, and it gets pretty tough to deal with at times. In this category, we will be dealing with issues prevalent in today's society that pertain to females, interview or discuss a female role model with #WCE once or twice a month, and hopefully create a forum for girls to address the problems they face.

I look forward to taking this amazing, feminist journey with you, my wonderful readers.

Au Revoir


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