High Teas and Shopping Sprees

During the holiday week, my cousin and I travelled to Westwood Mall to shop for the next season, as well as enjoy a light brunch at one of the newest cafés on the block, Papparoti. Because I have already done an outfit post for this day, I'll be doing a food review on Papparoti and my experience there.

Atmosphere :
The staff at Papparoti are, thankfully, quite pleasant and helpful. The café has a calm, peaceful atmosphere and the location is perfect. With its rustic layout and antique furniture, Papparoti is an ideal place to have a friendly talk over tea and to relax for just a few moments.

Food :
I must say that while their world renowned buns were not terrible, they certainly were not a to-die-for item as I had expected. The bun was light and airy, and although it does not satisfy your hunger, it does provide for a light snack. The buns were, however, highly overpriced. One bun cost R50 without any toppings, and with toppings the prices range from R55 to R70.
I bought a Hot Chocolate to accompany the bun, while my cousin ordered a Cappuccino. With the drinks we were satisfied, but those too were a bit too expensive. Drinks ranged from R25 to R50, and at the end of our time at Papparoti, we left with empty purses and semi-full stomachs.

My Conclusion :
To taste their legendary buns just once is vital, but after that I wouldn't buy it again. If Papparoti were to lower their prices or give us better value for our money, then with certainty I can say that we would visit again. However, until then, Papparoti is not my top venue for a sweet treat.

PS: The pictures are terrible because as I was leaving, I realised I had to blog about this. The better quality pictures are taken off the Internet (Pinterest) so please be aware that these aren't all my own. My apologies lovelies x

Au Revoir


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