What's In My Make Up Bag?

Hey there lovelies!

It's been awhile since #whatsinmybag started trending, and I've loved reading about this on all the blogs I follow. That's why I decided to jump onto the bandwagon and empty my make up bag for you! So, without further ado, let's begin the tour of my make up.

My make up bag is pretty basic, because I tend to avoid the foundation and concealer to minimise skin damage (and costs!), so if you, like me, have very little money to invest in make up but do want to be able to wear some, this post is dedicated to you.

For someone who avoided make up all my childhood, I have a strange connection with those little bottles and palettes of perfection at the moment. Although my school does noy permit make up, I grab every opportunity during the weekends to apply a little just to add a bit of enhancement to my natural features.

For this particular night, my make up was slightly darker and more prominent, as you will see when you read on.

I generally tend to go for subtle shades of eyeshadow and leave my lip bare, aside from the routine slash of lip balm, but I decided to be brave and try a bolder face.

While many people seem to love eyeliner, I absolutely hate it. I have no problem with the effect, in fact it is somewhat flattering, but I am physically handicapped when it comes to eyeliner. I use Essence Black Fever, although my handicap means that it is still the same as when I first bought it. My first attempt resulted in me having a thick, black line placed awkwardly on the middle of my eyelid, and after checking out some Pinterest hacks, it ended up lower down with a perfect wing, but a not-so-perfect end result. Considering that the rest of my make up was meant to be on fleek, I decided to leave  eyeliner out of the equation completely.

The one item in my make up bag that I absolutely adore is mascara. Eyelashes play a huge part in making a girl feel confident, and I've noticed that if you have even a hint of mascara, your eyes tend to look bigger and sparkle a lot brighter. I use Maybelline Great Lash, Blackest Black.

There's a saying that bad eyebrows ruin good women, and I agree with that one hundred percent. Because I don't shape, wax or thread my eye area at all, eyebrow filler is absolutely vital to pull off any face, be it bold or subtle. The eyebrow filler I use is Essence 01, Natural Brunette, and it works like magic.

When I bought my make up, I had a budget that I knew I had to stick to, so with the advice of a self-taught professional make up shopper, I bought the most affordable but also useful items. That's why I ended up with a eyeshadow palette that consists of the most vital colours for any look. The colours range from a whitish beige to matte black, and I am obsessed! It is convenient for both day and night make up looks and allows you to blend so many shades to create the perfect one. If anyone wants it, it's called and is inexpensive for those seeking a good buy. Look for Essence All About Vintage, if you're all about the vintage look. I do have another palette for more cheerful occasions, but I generally blend it with one of the more nude colours on the Vintage palette. However, if vintage just isn't up your alley, hunt down the classy, two colour palette shown below.

Blush for me isn't such a major part of my make up, but I do apply a little of if I feel it's necessary. Try Essence Matt Touch Blush if cheap and subtle is your vibe.

Before you sprint out the door, every girl tends to apply a slick of lip balm or lipgloss. However, if you want to go bold, such as in this case, first apply your lip balm, and then apply your lipstick. I was on a tight budget, so I used my regular Cherry Labello, and then put on Avon over it. I have a few tips on how to make your lipstick stay on for longer, but that's coming up in one of the next blog posts.

Before I sign off, I'd like to apologise for posting so infrequently and for having gone AWOL for the past few weeks. Its a hectic time of year for me and all other students because exams are dominating our lives at present. I'll be writing for the next month so expect little or no content in that time. Keep me in your prayers and if you're writing, all the best!

On that note, studying would be an outstanding decision now.

Au Revoir


  1. ooo i love that mascara :) xxx


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