2016... And that is a wrap!

Hello my lovelies!

I personally love making these posts because they help me to reflect on what I've learnt and really acknowledge these lessons so that I can apply them in the future.

We all know that 2016 hasn't been the greatest year for many of us. What with Harambe, Trump, and not to forget Kermit the Frog popping up in our business stating that it clearly isn't his business, we've been on a roller-coaster ride from the very beginning.

For me, this year brought with it its own challenges. I had to learn to navigate my way through high school, friendships and sticky situations, of which the final destination was many realisations that I'd love to share with you.

1. Don't let people get to you
All through this year I've had experiences where I was put into a position that made me a target of gossip, hate and rumours. The most valuable lesson I learnt from these horrible experiences is that I can't control what people say, and just because they say it doesn't mean it is true. We cannot allow what other people say about us define who we are, because the only problem with labels is the fact that so many people believe them. If people are spreading rumours about you, ignore them rather than confront them. Let these things go. They don't control you. Just put on your big girl panties, or big boy boxers and learn to shake it off. The haters are going to hate, you're just going to shake it off. Okay? Okay.

2. Hold onto the things that make you happy, regardless of what people say. If this is a friend, a hobby or an obsession, don't let go of it because people say you should. This is an integral part of who you are and if this is what makes you happy, then do it. Even if it is somewhat unhealthy, it will help to mould you into the person you want to be. The quote, "We all have something that takes the pain away"  seems to be very applicable. Whether this something is a sport or a celebrity, let yourself have that bit of happiness, provided that it isn't drugs, alcohol or harmful substances. If it is a healthy yet unhealthy (overly obsessive) obsession, hold onto it. No one can judge you.

3. School is not the most important part of life. Enjoy your youth while you have it. Being the nerd that I am, I've always stressed too much about homework, exams, assignments, classes and even group work. I've always wanted to give off my best, hand in my assignments early and looking amazing, be the top of the class if not the grade and be a perfect student. This meant that a lot of the time I was sacrificing chatting with my family, socialising, and doing all the things I enjoyed and loved doing solely because I had an assignment due tomorrow. One day, while scrolling through my Instagram, I saw a post that really changed my perspective of school and life. It, in essence, told me that if there was something happening in life, if I could make memories, have fun or make friends, then I shouldn't sacrifice this bite of happiness for a good grade. One late essay, failed test or incomplete assigment isn't going to alter the path of my life, but if I put on my sunglasses and took a stroll on the beach with my family, maybe then I would meet someone with whom I would have a connection and this could result in me creating a longlasting relationship until I am 90. Maybe if I got onto my bike and rode around the neighbourhood with the neighbourhood kids, something extraordinary would happen, or even if nothing happened, I had created memories which I could share with my children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. Time waits for no one, so grab hold of it.

4. Forgive but don't forget. People are going to hurt you, hate you and abuse you, and sometimes, if they're mature enough to, they'll apologise. This year I've learnt a great deal about forgiveness, because if I didn't forgive certain people I'd never be where  I am today. I would still be hung up on the fact that I had been stabbed in the back, rather than appreciate the fact that the person had tried so desperately to heal the wound. People make mistakes, you do too. By denying someone forgiveness you're telling them that YOU aren't big enough to let go of the past, and you're selfish, in a negative way. Still, don't forget what they did to you. The way they treated you and the signs that prevailed before it will tell you exactly what you should look out for in a future toxic relationship. It will help you to withstand and walk away from abuse. Moreover, it will teach you what kind of person you shouldn't be, and that's why forgiving but remembering is the perfect way to grow.

These are just 4 lessons of many that I learnt this year. Hopefully a post about my New Years Resolutions will be up shortly, and I look forward to that.

What did you learn this year, and what are your New Years Resolutions?

Au Revoir


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