Looking For Rainbows

Bonjour Mes Amours!

The holidays have begun to look quite dreary and boring for me, because thus far all I've done is stay at home, bake, go to Madrassa, and sleep. There are no exciting trips planned this year, nor any family get togethers. On top of this, all my friends are leaving and I'm going to be stuck in this mundane cycle of nothingness left to contemplate my life choices.

This is one example of the pessimistic attitude I have on a daily basis. I tend to look at everything from a YOLO perspective and always want to have this vibe of excitement around me. If the spark dies, my energy dies with it, and I go back to being stuck on my phone and scrolling through Instagram once again.

However, I've decided to stop being so pessimistic and start looking for the rainbows in life, because life is brighter than this outfit most of the time. While I'm still not going to deny that learning during the holiday is a painful experience, I also have another 10 hours to myself at minimum and I can use this to my advantage.

I've always been very demotivated when it comes to exercise and staying fit, so I've set myself daily exercise goals and try to do them at noon, after I've completed all my other tasks.

My room needs a serious make over - it's looked like this since I was 5. I won't deny that I absolutely adore the rainbow and clouds that fill my purple sky, but it's about time I go for something more grown up. For this to become a reality, I've decided to stop sitting back and waiting for my mom to do things herself, but start DIYing my room. From the shelves to the posters, Google is amazing at assisting you.

Learning more of my work, maximising my sleeping time, researching topics I'm interested in and being in the kitchen are all on my to do list.

My main focus however, is going to be on this blog. I've always wanted to make this blog much bigger than it is, as well as expand across the globe. This holiday season I've planned my own little treat for you lovely people, with guest bloggers and lots more posts. I've also thought of starting a merchandise line, but I'm still unsure about it. Tell me what your opinion on it is!

All in all, I've realised that sometimes life doesn't have to offer you perfect conditions to be productive or beautiful. After all, rainbows can't exist without a little rain, just as a beautiful summer can't exist without a few, if not many, dreary moments.

Have a blessed summer and remember, life is meant to be all unicorns, sunshine and rainbows, and if you can't find them, be them.

Au Revoir


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