Tis The Season

Bonjour Mi Amors

It's been a while since I've blogged and I guess this blogging hiatus has finally come to an end. But not to worry, all bloggers had been on a stand still for the past month or so, because of season preparation for those that are blogging full time, and for flourishing bloggers like me, it's been because of exams, school and the like. However, holiday season has finally begun and with it we have the summer magic that rolls around every December.

To say that this year has gone by fast would be an understatement. Can you believe it's already December?! It feels like just yesterday I was making my 2016 New Years Resolutions.

The realisation that summer has begun and school has ended really lifted up my spirits and brought some colour to my life, which is why this outfit seemed to fit perfectly with my mood. The vibrant blue abaya and beautiful, pastel pattern of the hijab really brings out the happiness evident in everyone. The main theme colour, blue, reminds me of the sea, which we as South Africans are so eager to embrace during December. The light, cool material makes it perfect for night rendezvous to the beach, chilling with friends, and even going to a party, if need be.

My favourite part of any outfit is the shoes. I just didn't feel up to slipping on a pair of heels with this, like I would usually do, but instead paired the abaya with something with an equal beach vibe, pumps. These nude pumps make my day whenever I've had enough of prancing around in heels all week. It's so comfortable airy, and above all, cheap. Every girl wants the perfect closet, with the least expense, and with buys like these, it makes our dreams a reality. I purchased these shoes in Edgars, and as always, Kelso never lets you down. While I couldn't get a decent shot of the shoes for this post, I will add it to one of the posts in the future.

I planned to do this photoshoot sitting on a wall against a cool rose garden backdrop, but 10 minutes before Fatimah arrived, it began to rain and all our plans had to be put on hold. Nevertheless, I was desperate to post something soon for you lovely people, and once the rain had subsided, we trod through the mud and puddles to take these pictures. Getting the abaya wet, slipping on the tiles, and failing miserably at shoe pictures because of the grass that covered the shoe was a major part of the whole experience. The only decent shot was of me standing on the compost heap, and boy was that a terrible place!

All in all, it made me realise that it's the little moments in life that really mean everything. It's the moments that cost nothing besides your own self and friends, the moments that required you to squash up in a car filled with ten other people, the moments when you sat around a bonfire discussing everything from the funniest of tales to the deepest of analogies, the moments you spend talking to friends who became family and most of all, the moment you embrace what your life is, rather than trying to achieve a perfect life. None of us are blessed with the flashy lifestyle of a celebrity, the body of a model, the mind of Einstein, the smile of Selena or the kind of family drama that so perfectly unfolds in the Kardashian household, but we are blessed with something they do not have. We are blessed with love and priceless people that surround us. Let us take maximum benefit out of our summer holidays by making the most of every moment we are offered.

Dance in the rain, fall asleep under the stars, wake up at the crack of dawn, push your boundaries, love without limits, be fearless in whatever you do and most of all, savour the taste of being alive.

Every summer is a story waiting to unfold....

On a side note...

For all my readers who are students, may the odds be ever in your favour for your report card, and drop a comment below about it when you receive your report. After that, treat yourself to a spa day, down time or 'turn up time,' because girl, you deserve it.

Au Revoir

Photography by Fatimah Essack


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