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Many of us turn to Instagram, Twitter and most importantly, Pinterest when it comes to trying to find easier methods of getting that perfect look! Yet every so often we are disappointed by the terrible turnout and feel despondent about how foolproof these hacks really are. So, for the convenience of the readers, I've put together a foolproof list of three, simple hacks, or better phrased, hack ITEMS, that will leave your skin glowing, your make up on fleek and a longer lasting look.

1. The Spoon
After looking up this hack on Pinterest, I now have a spoon stored in my make up back as just another one of my make up essentials. The magic that this one, simple item from your kitchen drawer contains is amazing. For all of us who struggle with the following three things: a lack of being able to wing your eyeliner properly, a badly shaped brow and messy mascara, you'll find "The Spoon" to be a make up weapon. To get a perfect wing, all you have to do is hold the spoon facing downwards on your eyelid, just below where you want to draw your wing, and draw the eyeliner line using the curve of the spoon. The end result? A neat and pretty wing! If you're attempting to fill your brows and make them look somewhat stylish, every girl knows that it has to be the right shape. No one wants two thick brown lines on the forehead, do they? I found it extremely handy to use a spoon in this case because the curve of the spoon gives the perfect brow arch. Again, just hold the spoon downwards below your eyebrow, and fill in the area above it.

2. Baby Powder
Talcum powder is said to be the ideal make up product, but for many lazy and broke people, the bottle of Johnsons Baby Powder will have to do. I used this simple product to give my make up a vamp up and to keep it 'secure.' One of the hacks was to use baby powder between each layer of your mascara to make it thicker and fuller, and it does work. However it is extremely difficult to actually apply it bevause it doesnt work if your mascara isn't wet, and if it is, it creates a huge, sticky mess. Instead, I let it dry and then take a tissue and dust the powder over my lashes using it, and after that apply another layer to keep it wet. Another hack that I found particularly useful is usinf the powder to keep your make up on. With lipstick especially, your lips tend to lose it's colour during an event or meal, and this can be especially annoying when you are trying to showcase your beloved lippie. This can, however, be easily solved with baby powder. Apply your coat of lipstick and then press a tissue between your lips. Once that's done, take a powder brush, dip it in baby powder and brush your lips. It will help keep your make up secure for as long as possible. This can also be used for the rest of your face, but be careful, as a lot of the time, the powder shows and can create a mess.

3. Aloe
This is a simple, straightforward and obvious hack that Indian women have been using for ages. Little did we realise the actual beauty benefits until now, though, when Pinterest posted these easy hacks. Break a piece of aloe vera from the plant, slice it into two and squeeze out the jelly. Make sure not to touch the jelly as it has a terrible taste and smell that lingers for hours! Apply the jelly to your face to soothe your acne, treat your blackheads and make your dark circles invisible. Although this hack requires long term use to actually take effect, it really does rejuvenate and benefit the skin to the maximum. It's a simple home remedy that none of us lack the means to do, and that makes it a perfect fix for those of us too stingy with our money to invest in a Body Shop product that is a processed version of aloe anyway!

Scrolling through Pinterest, it surprised me to see that so many products that lie unused in our homes are actually rather beneficial when it comes to beauty and make up. If you have any hacks that you'd like to try out, drop a comment below.

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