Home Is Where The Heart Is

Bonjour Mes Amours

As many of you know, I love my hometown more than any other place in the world. I've never lived anywhere besides there and it is a pretty close knit community where everyone knows and is concerned for one another. This being the holiday season for schools, but not the holiday season for most of our residents because the Darul Uloom closes at different times, it was obviously the most suitable time to have a lunch get-together.

Although there were a lot fewer people than we generally invite, we still got along quite well. Being as extra as I am, I just had to dress up. After much debate, I settled on this beautiful abaya that gave off a formal and elegant look as well as managed to make me look taller, which is something I desperately needed.

This season I've been obsessed with shades of coral, salmon, and peach after seeing pink make its comeback (as mentioned in my post "Pretty In Peach.") I originally assumed that by making something black and coral I could pair absolutely any hijab with it, but lo and behold, I was only capable of pulling out about 3 suitable hijabs to wear.

In this outfit I wore a Hanayan hijab that many of you will be familiar if you've read my previous posts, and the nude heels mentioned in the post "Looking for Rainbows." Many, if not all, of my abayas are made to my exact fit by my local dressmaker. If you seriously love the looks, take them to your dressmaker and have them tailor made, because I always find this to be the best option. Albeit the cost of the material, time and sewing, the end result is a perfect fit that requires absolutely no alteration as well as the exact pattern you desired.

The make up look I wore with this was a completely nude face with the exception of the red lipstick, although I would love to invest in a Huda Beauty, Swiitch or Kylie Jenner natural lip coloured one sometime soon. If any of you know of similar brands that cost less and give a nice finish, drop a comment below or DM me. I'll be sure to buy it and even do a product review on it.

The one thing I've realised time and time again over the years is the love that we as a community share. If I could choose to live anywhere in the world, be it NYC or the Maldives, I'd choose here, in my tiny, farm corner of the world, because of how massive the hearts of the residents are. My entire history lies here - this was the land on which my great grandfather started his first business, the town that my grandfather had once been the mayor of, the place where I could always rely on an Aalim to be at the exact location where I would contemplate sinning just to correct me gently, and most of all, the place I call home. It struck me that sometime in the future I would have to leave my hometown to live where my husband did, unless he himself decided to stay here (which in all honesty would just prove that he has great decision-making skills). That will probably be the most difficult part for me, because I am attached to this town. I was born, bred and wish to die here if I die in South Africa. The memories of created on this very soil are innumerable and the friends that I've made on every street are priceless. Regardless of whether we interact with or simply know of the people here, we are extremely close, and I know for a fact that I can rely on them for anything and everything. They're more like my family than my own family is, and I love them and this town greatly. Sometimes I wonder if this is the reason why events like WW1 took place, because of nationalism, sparked by this great love for your homeland. Most times, I choose to ignore these weird thoughts and enjoy the warmth that thinking of home fills me with.

I've always wondered whether I'm the only person with an unhealthy attachment to their hometown, and I've been wanting to ask you guys this question. Drop a comment below if you're attached to your hometown too, in this ridiculous way that I am.

That's it for now

Au Revoir


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