Blood Is Red

It's been 69 years since Israel began their brutal ethnic cleansing of Palestine, and the world still doesn't blink an eyelid

Over the course of these years, massacres upon massacres occured, generations of children were left without the opportunity of education and the apartheid has heightened to a point where it has made us desensitised to the disaster.

It is when someone defends Israel that I begin to doubt whether humanity exists. Anti-zionist does not equate to anti-Semitic. Zionists and Jews have, in fact, no connection. How can anyone defend an army that invaded another country, forcefully stripped the citizens of their land, built an Apartheid Wall, and left them penniless and many lifeless.

To show our solidarity with Palestine, TTE decided to wear the Palestinian colours, green, red, white and black, for Israeli Apartheid Week.

The abaya is a simple and convenient outfit. It is paired with a patterned Hanayan hijab. The white pumps are a popular choice for simple occasions, and are from MRP. I simply love the back of them and they totally suited this setting.

To sign off, let us remember Palestine in our prayers and as South Africans remember that our freedom is not complete without the freedom of the Palestinians.

Au Revoir

Photography: Mahnoor Ganatra
Editing: Fathima Essack


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