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I've often struggled with finding topics to blog about, especially when accompanying my text with pictures. Sure, fashion blogging sounds extremely glamorous from the reader's perspective, but when you actually become a part of the fashion blogosphere, it is quite similar to a regular job.

On the occasion where these pictures were taken, I sat down and had a long conversation with a fellow blogger, albeit an Instagram blogger, about the perks as well as the downside of blogging. If you'd like to check her out on Instagram, follow @styledstyles. She is pictued below in a white top and jeans (details at the end.)
We sat in a serene, super-sized garden with a pool and fountain in front of us, in the heart of Westville, Durban. The garden could be described as somewhat bigger than your average botanical gardens, and stretched across four houses, all of which were privately owned. On the other side of the pool area was a large, glass house that looked like it had been placed there straight out of a magazine.

Perfect, isn't it?

For both of us, being immersed in the world of blogging, we clearly enjoyed how luxurious and fancy it seemed. It was a scene that you'd find in one of Zoella's or Dina Tokio's vlogs, and we even contemplated vlogging it ourselves. The garden belonged to her family, and it was one of those moments that beginner blogger's such as us felt as if we had something that was ultimately worth showing.

Yet, for both us and most bloggers, this isn't our own genuine lifestyle. Though it still surprises me that people watch vlogs considering that it's a clip summarising a person's day, I know for a fact that those people aren't as glamorous as the camera makes them seem.

Sure, we put on designer shoes and stunning outfits for our photoshoots, but after that, we slip on a kaftan and flip flops. Sure, we do go to some amazing locations, as do all people at times during their life, blogger or not, but those are rare occasions. Sure, we can belt out names of designers and fashion collections, but, speaking for myself, most of this is through reading up on the world of fashion just like you do.

I'm not saying that fashion blogging is not a glamorous job. For those at a stage where gifts pour into their PO Box for them to try out, they are highly sought to be ambassadors, and they have close to a million followers on Instagram, it probably is a classy job. Yet for me, it is about the same as penning an essay for school, and involves mainly the maintenance of @theteenageeffectblog page, the website and making it before deadlines. I sit on a normal bed, like a normal teen, and write about things that I am semi-interested in (some of the time, but not all, I assure you), while praying that one day my blog will be as successful as Zoella, Baked The Blog, Fashion Breed, or Birdline Blog. My aspirations, however, are far from what I really can achieve, realistically.

Now, getting to the point of this long (boring) post.

I was speaking to a friend about blog content and she told me that yes, the blogosphere is dominated by bloggers that focus on fashion, body positivity and beauty, but I don't have to be like that. While all these issues interest me too, I feel as if I have been focusing way too much on fashion and not enough on other aspects of my lifestyle as such. The friend (thanks Mischa, if you're reading this) told me that sometimes my opinion is more valuable that following the norm, and I've decided that from now on I'll allow my blog to be open to more than just fashion, food and travel. I want to show you, my readers, who I really am. I want to be able to share my actual, real lifestyle (although excluding the kaftans and flip flops) such as the poetry I write, the places I go to and the emotions I have. While I will be broadening my horizons, I won't be abandoning fashion altogether, and certainly not the other two aspects mentioned above.

Travel will definitely be on my blogging agenda, and I am seriously contemplating adding it to my vlogging agenda, because I will be leaving for Morocco next Monday. With travel comes exotic plates, people and places. Because of this, I apologise if I am absent for a month or so, but I'll return with hopefully a lot of content!


Photography of:
@styledstyles by @theteenageeffectblog
@theteenageeffectblog by @styledstyles

Editing: Fathima Essack (@crazyfatimah)

Outfit details:

Hijab: Hanayan
Abaya: Local Dressmaker (email me for contact details. Most abayas are sewn by her)
Waistcoat: Mr Price
Shoes: Kelso
Jewellery: Buckle Bracelet by Lovisa

Inner (top): Refinery
Jeans: Factorie
Shirt (over): Hand Me Down (not a shop, lol)
Hijab: Al Ansaar Souk
Shoes: MRP


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