Bonjour, Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!

It feels great to finally sit at a computer and type out my adventures in Morocco, while being back in the motherland. Although Morocco was lovely, and I will be sure to fill you in on the details during the course of the month, there is nothing quite like being in South Africa. Still, Morocco has blessed me with a pocket full of memories, experiences, people, places, blogging content and not to forget, work! You’ll be surprised at how much of work can pile up in one week of your absence. However, looking at the bright, much like this mustard dress, side of life, here is the first outfit post that I’ve written in ages!

Modelled and organised by Sabeeha Mansoor, this outfit is simple yet bold, and classy yet confident. The outfit was coordinated according to the colours of the venues we visited, and it can clearly be seen with the contrast of yellow against pink or blue. The earrings are rather funky and bold, which adds the extra flair that every outfit needs.

The outfits were photographed in Marrakech at the Koutubia Masjid and Majorelle Gardens. A full Moroccan "tour" will be uploaded soon.

Top - SOS
Earrings - JHB Market
Bag - Massisumo Duti
Shoes - Nike
Scarf - Lahore, Pakistan

Au Revoir


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