We've all heard of #MCM and #WCW, which eventually evolved into Man Crush Everyday or Woman Crush Everyday, but social media users have decided to take it to the next level. Instagram has boomed with Writer Crush Wednesday, and now, I introduce to you, YouTuber Crush Everyday. I have selected a few of my favourite YouTube Channels for you to check out, although I do not follow most of them anymore because of religious reasons. However, without further ado, let's get into the juicy bit.

5) Zoella
I personally was a huge fan of Zoella's vlogs, not just her normal content. Her main channel, for me, was slightly too much of beauty and less thought, but her day to day life is definitely very intriguing.

4) Subhi Taha
I don't know if I'm addicted to Subhi because I am currently in an Arab-obsessed phase, or if he is just plain amazing. His videos always have a hint of Arabic added to it and this to me is really beneficial both in terms of learning Arabic and growing my love for Arab people. Subhi is Palestinian, and it's always interesting to learn about the heritage of a country that has been stripped of its rich history from someone who owns it.

3) Superwoman
If you're Indian, female and craving a laugh, Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is your go to girl. Not only is she hilarious and an amazing actress (and a somewhat okay singer, lol) but she is also a great role model for all females. Her campaign #girllove has spread to all parts of the world, reaching even the most rural parts of Africa such as Kenya. Before her rise to fame, Lilly battled with depression, and her story is a massive encouragement to anyone that feels as if they cannot go on any longer. She has released a book called "How To Be A Bawse" and a movie, "A Trip To Unicorn Island," both of which aim to motivate and uplift her viewers through her life story. She is humble, decent and knows how to have plain, clean fun.

2) Sid And Dina
Dina Tokio is a well-known fashion blogger and YouTuber who has gained popularity worldwide. She is looked at as a perfect role model for all girls, especially Muslimahs. Dina wears the hijab and her modest dressing and classy hijab tutorials have attracted girls to her channel. Along with this, she has an amazing, carefree personality and is a very likeable person. Her husband, Siddiq Khan, also known as Sid, has his own YouTube channel, Narky By Nature. However, they have a combined channel, Sid And Dina, that is the main focus on this post. The channel is mainly advice based, with occasional video challenges and life updates. Sid and Dina give great advice that is suitable for this day and age, and although I don't agree with their viewpoint on everything, I believe that they are the easiest place to go to for those *cringe* questions that you're too afraid to actually ask, but are perfectly comfortable discussing with your friends (and pretending that you know the answers.)

*tabla please*...
Mohamed Zeyara
I feel like I'm the only person that fan girls over Islamic channels, which is basically what his is. Although Zeyara does have occasional funny videos and Q and As, he focuses mainly on reaching the youth with his inspirational, motivational videos. He has made multiple short films, such as The Price Of Marriage, and has two series, Inspiration and Inspiration 2. Although I don't watch the videos anymore after I stopped television, I found them very beneficial. Mohamed Zeyara plays a young man who faces many life challenges and uses the guidance of Nabi (saw) to solve these issues. I haven't watched Inspiration 2, but I reckon it will be as good as the first. Mohamed Zeyara is also a Palestinian and speaks Arabic in his videos, hence my extreme obsession with it. Currently he is a humanitarian activist and doctor, who has and still is working in Mali to uplift the condition of the poor. They have established many water wells, schools and medical centres in Mali, and seek your assistance in this campaign. The group have the aim of raising $300 000 before Ramadan, so head over and donate. Personally, I love this channel because of its beautiful, Islamic content. A lot of the time, to replace sin, we listen to bayaans and naaths (personally, that's my approach) but often we don't have a chance to see light hearted, relatable content. This channel is totally worth your data, if you do use that, and your time too. Now if you'll excuse me, fan girl duties await me.

Au Revoir

PS: Hope you guys enjoyed this post :) I know that there are other great YouTubers, but these are my personal picks. None of these are sponsored nor do I know any of the channel owners personally.



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